I Believe This Decade Is Going To Be The Decade For Gaming In India Nitish Mittersain Nazara Technologies

The pragmatic shift of gaming as a mainstream entertainment source finally slid in the forefront when the country last year secured the number one spot in mobile game downloads worldwide. While the investors were oblivious to the potential of the industry, visionary Nitish Mittersain, who started Nazara Technologies in 2000, remained loyal towards his passion […]


Dip in cargo intensify rivalry between Stevedores and PPP terminal operators

Stevedores engaged in loading and unloading bulk cargo from and onto ships at Centre-run major port trusts have approached the government to block demands from private cargo terminal operators handling single commodity to become multi-commodity facilities, after market disruptions from policy changes dragged down traffic such as coal and iron ore. The issue escalates a […]


Vishing: What is it and how to prevent it?

Last week, there was news that Praneet Kaur, Congress MP from Patiala, and the wife of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, lost ₹23 lakh to cyber fraud. A fraudster, posing as a bank manager, duped Kaur through a mobile phone call. This kind of fraud is commonly known as ‘vishing’. The fraudster asked for Kaur’s […]